Meeting diverse stakeholder needs while delivering demonstratable impact

Whether our clients strive to meet their  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets or need ESG strategy consulting, we have the expert-led strategy development processes to deliver demonstrable impact.

Because we are outcome-focused, the plans we create in collaboration with our clients align their sustainable development goals with their other business objectives and competencies. The result is the ability to make a measurable impact through business, environmental, and community-based activities.

We develop strategies based on rigorous analysis of our client’s business, which ensures our initiatives meet diverse stakeholder needs. This analysis includes competitor research, internal environment review,  stakeholder perspectives, short- and long-term goal setting, and available resources. 

With clearly defined, achievable objectives in place, we assess the scope of work and the input our client will need to deliver it. The resulting roadmap offers a clear route to achieving results.

Pearl Consulting helped me formulate a strategy and understand the way forward. This allowed me to set achievable goals, resulting in better outcomes across the region.” Daiana Beitler, Regional Director, Microsoft Philanthropies Asia