Strategic roadmap leads to success

The Opportunity

Microsoft Philanthropies Asia covers a geographically diverse area across 18 countries, from Australia and New Zealand to India and Sir Lanka. The organisation is charged with translating global objectives from Microsoft’s US headquarters into locally relevant programmes that also align with business goals. Its programmes encompass technology donations, humanitarian response, youth initiatives and inclusive technology. When the organisation appointed a regional director, it needed to ensure the new hire had the right tools to hit the ground running and deliver positive outcomes across the region.

The solution

Microsoft Philanthropies Asia recognised that the key to success was being able to navigate the complex matrix of stakeholders and resources across the region. Success required a comprehensive on-boarding program, designed and delivered by an organisation with a deep understanding of what the job entailed and how to ensure the right outcomes. Microsoft turned to Pearl Consulting to develop a strategic plan that encompassed an in-depth overview of programmes, resource management and a road-map to success.

Steps to success

1. Define the context in which the programs operate

Pearl Consulting outlined the structure of the critical stakeholders inside and outside the organisation. The strategy brief defined how to align resources with these stakeholders, how to achieve collaboration and deliver impact.

2. Develop a plan for the first 100 days and secure early wins

The plan for the first 100 days set a clear direction of what to do to succeed and provided a bridge between the new director and her predecessor. It included a clear understanding of what the role entailed, of what success looked like and how to get things done.

3. Create a road-map to success with a repository of resources

Pearl Consulting created a clear road-map to success that defined budget, resources (human and other), timeline, objectives and what was needed to succeed. At each step, the director was able to deep-dive for more information that was contained within a repository of resources.

Children around a table with tablets

The outcome

When the new fiscal year began in July 2016, the director had a solid plan with clearly defined objectives and goals. She also had a clear understanding of what the role entailed, what success looked like and a clear road map of how to achieve the goals. The plan resulted in better resource allocation, more efficient program implementation across the region and better outcomes.

Pearl Consulting’s solid strategic plan allowed me to effectively allocate resources and hit the ground running. It wasn’t just an on boarding; the work helped me formulate a strategy and understand the way forward. It helped in setting achievable goals that most importantly resulted in better outcomes across the region.” Daiana Beitler, Regional Director, Microsoft Philanthropies Asia