Meeting diverse stakeholder needs while creating real value

Pearl Consulting develops strategies built on rigorous analysis of the business. We believe this is an essential step in designing social impact programmes that meet diverse stakeholder needs. As we are outcome-focused, our strategies align social impact programmes with company goals and competencies, to create real value through business, environmental and community-based activities.

We believe that the key to a good strategy is that it is focused with clearly defined objectives. Our first step is to assess the scope of the work and define the input required to deliver on the strategy.

This would encompass competitive analysis, internal environment review, key stakeholder perspectives, short- and long-term goal setting, and resourcing. We believe discussions with stakeholders are essential to the success of the programme and form an integral part of our approach.

Pearl Consulting helped me formulate a strategy and understand the way forward. This allowed me to set achievable goals, resulting in better outcomes across the region.” Daiana Beitler, Regional Director, Microsoft Philanthropies Asia