Our Story

When CEO Gillian Pearl’s daughter was born, it made her reconsider how she could continue to do the work she loved, while caring for her  young family. In 2008, Gillian launched Pearl Consulting, based on an overarching goal to do impactful work that made people’s lives better.  

A few principles informed the company and remain today. 

The first was to build a team of smart, hard-working people who wanted to work on projects that made a difference. All the while fostering a flexible environment that allowed people to care for themselves and their families.

The second was to address challenging global issues by harnessing the power and resources of major corporations, and to make an impact through cross-sector collaboration.

Finally, Pearl Consulting would be a technology-enabled, remote-first workplace.  

Today, we have a diverse, global social impact consulting team of 40 who work alongside clients and partners to address the issues important to them. These issues include women’s empowerment, economic development, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), safety, climate action and humanitarian relief. 

What Makes us Unique

Team diversity

Our international team comprises a variety of backgrounds, cultures, talents and experiences. Diversity brings multiple perspectives, enhancing our ability to solve problems and innovate.

Grassroots to global

We combine global expertise with local insights to build relevant, sustainable and scalable initiatives.  

Partnership focused

We are committed to creating mutual benefit with a genuine passion for building stakeholder relationships. We invest deeply to make our projects succeed. 

Our Values


We are accountable. We do what we say we’re going to do. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions. 


We are a culturally diverse team. We have created an environment at Pearl Consulting where everyone can show up as they truly are. 


We believe in meaningful work — it is hardwired into our company culture. Our values, ideals, and actions align.  

Caring and community-minded

We are dedicated to supporting each other, local communities, and organisations that address issues that matter to us.


Our people are hard-working, passionate and professional. We are united in our belief that what we do makes a difference.  

Our Brand Story: The Origami Mage

Whenever help is needed, the Origami Mage would be called for. She’d listen to the issue at hand, and after a discussion with her summoner, pull out a square sheet of paper. With great care, she would fold, pleat, tuck, twist until it assumed the desired shape. She would then bid the summoner to breathe into it before doing so herself.  

This would bring to life whatever has been fashioned. An ox to pull the widow’s cart. Scarecrows to keep birds away from the crops. A turtle to retrieve a shoe dropped into a well. Sunfish to light the town when the power is down. Once, even a squadron of mini-dragons to delight children at the orphanage 

Like the Origami Mage, we at Pearl Consulting, seek to serve our community well with ingenuity and thoughtfulness. Like her, we stay humble and generous with our heart and time. We maintain an unflagging desire to put our gifts in service of those in need. In doing so, we earn and maintain the trust and respect of all who cross our path. 

three origami birds, stylized.

For over two years, Pearl Consulting worked with us on NGO capacity building in Asia Pacific, providing strategic advice and developing relevant, timely programmes and content. Working with partners who function effectively with all three sectors – private, government and nonprofit – is invaluable to multilateral development organisations like us.” Janakie Karunaratne, Philanthropies Lead, Microsoft Sri Lanka

Awards and Memberships

Real Impact Award 2023
Real Leaders Impact Award for 2022
Real Leaders Impact Award 2021
Best for the World 2019 Honoree
Best for the World 2018 Honoree