Building powerful partnerships with the public sector

Companies have expertise in relationships with their clients but limited experience of working directly with governments. We help organisations cross that divide to establish and build partnerships with the public sector that harness the power of social impact programmes.

When it comes to government engagements, we first work to define your organisation’s priority public policy issues.

Fundamental to our government engagement work is identifying key stakeholders. Through stakeholder mapping, the work is focused in terms of target audience and outreach. This work ultimately demonstrates the positive impact that the business is having at the country level.

Pearl Consulting’s ability to translate policy objectives into strategy, create focused tactics and their inherent bias for action have helped us skillfully navigate the politics of business and the business of politics. Articulating policy into programmes in which internal stakeholders immediately see value whilst building relationship capital with our external audiences was achieved with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.” John Galligan, Head of Global Government Affairs, Microsoft