Meeting standards in environment, community, employees and governance

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit organisation B Lab to meet standards in four key areas – environment, community, employees and governance. Pearl Consulting provides B Corp-related services and takes companies through the B Lab framework to help them operate responsibly and be good corporate citizens.

When it comes to B Corp services, we start by defining what you want to achieve and how your connection to B Corp will best serve you.

A key question is whether to become a certified B Corp or not. We can help you through the Quick Impact Assessment to take stock of your performance without certification. Or we can advise on how to improve your score en route to certification and how to maximise the impact both internally and externally.

In both instances, we analyse the assessment output and use the insights gleaned to help you improve your social, environmental and economic performance.

Pearl Consulting’s collaborative approach ensured all stakeholders were fully engaged and responsive throughout the assessment. I recommend them for any organisation looking to use the B Impact Assessment to better understand their impact in the world and define a strategy to improve it.” Katie Hill, Executive Director, B Lab UK