Creating mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit and government partners

Ours is a company fueled by the expertise and passion of our people. We have an interdisciplinary team of strategists, partnership brokers, content specialists and project managers through whom we offer advisory services all the way through to total project management.

It is this diversity, united by a belief that what we do makes a difference, that allows Pearl Consulting to effectively combine deep functional insights with broad industry experience. Ultimately, we want to impart knowledge and establish self-sustaining programmes and solutions that are able to flourish without our support.

As a certified B Corp we are passionate, and we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Pearl Consulting was able to integrate two very different worlds: the corporate world and that of the NGOs. I highly recommend them for complex, multi-stakeholder programmes.” Mike Yeaton, Vice President, TechSoup Asia

About Pearl Consulting

Pearl Consulting is a purpose-driven boutique consultancy focused on delivering mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit and government partners through the strategic deployment of social impact initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Pearl Consulting develops strategies built on rigorous analysis of the business. We believe this is an essential step in designing social impact programmes that meet diverse stakeholder needs. As we are outcome-focused, our strategies align social impact programmes with company goals and competencies to create real value through business, environmental and community-based activities.

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Social Impact Programmes

Pearl Consulting helps companies design social impact programmes that connect with the communities and issues that matter to them most. Our strategic planning models focus not only on output but outcomes, assessing community needs and developing effective programmes and partnerships.

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Government Engagement

Companies have expertise in relationships with their clients but limited experience of working directly with governments. We help organisations cross that divide to establish and build partnerships with the public sector that harness the power of social impact programmes.

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